Welcome to Gator Badminton Club

We play this rad sport called badminton.

A Little Bit About Us

Gator Badminton at the University of Florida was founded in 1973 by shuttle-smashing legend and student-at-the-time Dave Zarco. After being discontinued for almost two decades in the 90s it was reestablished in 2013 as a RecSports Club funded by Student Government. Since then our members and officers have worked hard, not just to maintain our status as the highest club classification at UF (Orange for 4 years and counting!) but moreover advance the sport of badminton within our university and throughout our region. Our organization has an incredible board that works closely to build upon every semester's work and continue offering more and more opportunities for badminton enthusiasts to practice, compete, and connect with one another. Conducive of a truly diverse atmosphere that welcomes any and all members interested in playing casually or at the highest competitive level, Gator Badminton welcomes you play a truly remarkable sport!


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